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The Law School at Kanto Gakuin University has enriched the elemental subjects including the core subjects for legal practice with a curriculum covering subjects such as "Corporate Accounting System," "M&A Practical Operation," "Corporate Legal Affairs" and "Practical Operation of the Patent Act," taught by law practitioners that are active in the front lines in order to develop professionals with seasoned knowledge of corporate legal affairs.
In addition, for better understanding of the administrative world, not only legal subjects such as "Environmental Law," "Access to Government Information Act" and "Practical Operation of Administrative Trial" but also the "Administrative Process" is introduced to develop well-rounded professionals that understand the legal field supported by the participation of citizens and civil activities such as legal affairs on policy.

Education Features

 Lessons Taught in Small Groups

Core subjects such as the fundamental subjects of law and legal practice are taught in classes of approximately 30 students for thorough instruction as well as an assured acquisition of legal knowledge and practical operation of legal affairs. Some classes are conducted as late as 7:30pm for some students cannot attend lectures in the daytime.

 Subject Structure of Study in Stages

The Law School of Kanto Gakuin University offers a three-year program which equips students with the foundations of law and the skills required to be a law practitioner in a step-by-step learning style. Students learn the interpretation of basic laws such as constitutional law, civil law, and criminal law in the first year. In the second year, they study modern advanced law subjects with laws regarding judicial proceedings along with legal practices and legal ethics. In the third year, the students take subjects on lawsuit affairs from an active bench and bar as well as integrated subjects that connect legal theories and legal practice.
In addition, students take subjects such as externship that enables students to experience lawyer's practice in a law firm or in a legal clinic that provides legal consultation to civilians under the instruction of law practitioners (lawyers). People who have studied law before can skip the first year and complete the course in two years.

 Business Education that is Close to the Real Thing

While the central facility of the Law School is located on Yokohama/Kanazawa Hakkei Campus (Mutsuura Higashi, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama City), the base for practical education is the "KGU Kannai Media Center" that is on the 8th floor of "Yokohama Media Business Center" (Ota, Naka-ku, Yokohama City) which lies adjacent to Yokohama District Court in Kannai, the center of Yokohama. The above-mentioned media center is a multi-functional facility where educational researches on information transmission and information technology are carried out. The excellent location of the facility allows the students not only to study in a classroom near a court or a law firm but also to sit in on trials between classes to understand the roles and missions of the legal profession. Moreover, "Legal Clinic", a free legal consultation service, is implemented as part of the coursework. Students learn from two experienced lawyers and give legal advice to local citizens.
In addition, practical education enriched by the support of Yokohama Bar Association is definitely one of the merits of the Law School. There are fundamental subjects for legal practice such as "Legal Ethics" and "Civil Trial Practice" taught by a law practitioner who has a law firm near the court as well as "externship" in a law firm of a lawyer that is a member of the association.

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