Message from the President

Hoping our students will strive "to contribute to the wellbeing of society and its people."

Kanto Gakuin University consists of 11 colleges, 14 departments and 10 courses. With its school buildings located mainly in Yokohama, a city of international culture, we are an integrated university that for over 130 years since its foundation has continued to offer character education, enabling students to make choices based on Christian values. Following the "Be a man and serve the world" motto of Tasuku Sakata, the first principal of Kanto Gakuin Junior High School, we efficiently employ our strengths as an integrated university pouring our efforts not only into education and research but also into cooperation with the local community and the society at large, international contributions, student sports, cultural activities, and much more.

I believe that the four years we spend at a university is a crucially important time in our lives. And the reason for it is because it is not merely time to learn, but also, and even more importantly, time to decide the future course of our lives and establish our own sense of values through encounters with important people and relationships we build with the local community and the society.

Here at Kanto Gakuin University, to enable our students to have as broad an experience as only possible in the course of the four years they spend here, we offer a large selection of educational programs in the varied disciplines of each faculty, studies through community involvement made possible through cooperation among industrial, administrative and academic sectors, we promote international exchange, and have an extensive support for volunteer activities, thus assisting students in their boldest aspirations. "Be a man and serve the world", we believe that by searching for the true meaning of the university's motto in their various pursuits, students can find their own, unique keys to the future. And I hope from the bottom of my heart that our graduates will strive "to contribute to the wellbeing of society and its people", with tender heart sensitive to the needs of communities and the society, nature and environment, and, last but not least, the needs of the people around them.

Hiroyoshi Kiku, President of Kanto Gakuin University



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