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Kanto Gakuin University is an integrated university where students can learn humanities, social science and natural science and consists of 11 colleges, 14 departments and 10 courses, providing a widely covered curriculum.


*Please note that all courses at Kanto Gakuin University are taught in Japanese.


College of Intercultural Studiesin Japanese

At the Department of English Language and Culture, students will mainly learn about English-speaking countries, whereas at the Department of Comparative Cultural Studies, students will learn cultures in Europe and Asia, including Japan. In today's modern society where globalization is advancing, not just overseas, but here in Japan there are more and more opportunities to be exposed to foreign cultures and people. We will educate students to accept multiculturalism while being proactive by learning and getting closer to people who are from different backgrounds.

Department of English Language and Culture in Japanese
Department of Comparative Cultural Studies in Japanese
College of Sociologyin Japanese

Sociology searches for ways of creating a better society and implements them. Kanto Gakuin University's College of Sociology searches for ways to solve problems by looking, listening and feeling in today's society. For current problems, students and academics think, move and learn together. Through an environment where people learn from each other, we educate students to have an understanding and tolerance for others and who take part in solving society's problems.

Department of Sociology in Japanese
College of Lawin Japanese

Students of the College of Law study the way of legal thinking as well as the laws themselves. Legal thinking is the ability to judge based on justice and reasonability, which are the foundation of laws. Students equipped with legal thinking are expected to be capable of handling various issues in the real world and are supposed to acquire the sense that guides them to judge in a fair and just fashion naturally, even if there are no laws for certain situations or issues.

Department of Law in Japanese
Department of Law for Regional Development in Japanese
College of Economicsin Japanese

Economics is knowledge to help understand the mechanism of society through the relationships among goods, services and money. Students acquire the knowledge of how to solve economic phenomena that are taking place in modern society including economic downturn and poverty by understanding economic theories.

Department of Economics in Japanese
College of Economicsin Japanese

The subject of business administration is to study collaboration among people for the achievement of a certain goal and its relation with other management resources.  With changes in economic and business environment, such as ICT development and population decline, companies and other organizations as well as people working in those organizations are required to adapt to the changing times.
We train competent persons who can create new values in business society, based upon basic knowledge of management theory and practical, subjective learning experiences.

Department of Business Administration in Japanese
in Japanese

The College of Science and Engineering provides a practical course of study where new technology is created to help to answer the needs of both today’s and tomorrow’s societies. Our faculty and students join together in partnership to experience learning, research and the joy of success found through cooperative endeavors. The College of Science and Engineering is not just training students to become technicians with adequate knowledge but rather educating them to be insightful professionals who have a wide range of knowledge and compassion for people and the world in which we live.

Bioscience Course in Japanese
Mathematical Sciences and Physics Course in Japanese
Applied Chemistry Course in Japanese
Course of Mechanical Engineering in Japanese
Course of Automotive Engineering in Japanese
Course of Robotics in Japanese
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Course in Japanese
Health and Sports Technology Course in Japanese
Networking and Multimedia Course in Japanese
Visual Creation Course in Japanese
Civil Engineering Course in Japanese
in Japanese

Living with nature and the global environment, experiencing a regeneration of our communities in an aging society with a decline in the birth rate, and rediscovering lifestyles from the past are aspects of our “now”, and this is a time we must consider new ways of architecture. Ideas such as “I want to build something” or “We want space like this” can help reconnect individuals and our society and provide an impetus for progress. The possibilities for our future society rest in the hopes and possibilities of our students, and together we are in pursuit of architecture that will provide the energy to create our future.

Department of Architecture and Environmental Design in Japanese
College of Interhuman Symbiotic Studies Staring April 2016in Japanese

The College of Interhuman Symbiotic Studies provides curriculum form both communication and design perspectives which we believe that are essential for symbiotic society. Students are not only able to learn inside the classroom, they are also able to acquire knowledge from hands on experience in local or oversea setting. The College of Interhuman Symbiotic Studies is to cultivate talents with great understanding and appreciation of the evolving relationships among human, human and society and human and the planet.

Department of Communication in Japanese
Department of Symbiotic Design in Japanese
College of Educationin Japanese

At Kanto Gakuin University's College of Education, we educate students waiting to become childcare workers and elementary school teachers to that they will understand children and support their growth. Liking children is the main premise of becoming an educator. During the period of rapid change in society, people who ask themselves questions while taking action for children by understanding how guardians work as well as the change in local communities from many sides are who we think ideal teachers should be.

Department of Child Development in Japanese
College of Nutritionin Japanese

Nutrition is a subject that considers people's health through food. However, people can't stay alive with just nutrition. Delicious and fun meals are the first step towards a healthy and rich lifestyle. To achieve this, we would like all our students to develop the basic skills and human richness to become a dietitian or a registered dietitian. We will nurture food and health professionals who respect people and are needed by people.

Department of Nutrition Dietetics in Japanese
in Japanese

The College of Nursing has been newly established to develop professionals who have practical nursing skills as well as coordination capabilities for team medical care and to provide optimum health care with empathy, contributing to public health and welfare. We understand that many precious lives are dependent on nurses, so we are determined to provide students with sufficient and balanced training to equip them in four years with the necessary knowledge, skills, and intellectual capacity to be successful professionals.

Department of Nursing in Japanese


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