Graduate School

Graduate Schools of Kanto Gakuin University openly welcome everyone including exchange students and people who are working to advance the research environment for various fields of specialization. We do not only drive academic research forward with fundamental research but also aim for giving back to society by developing specialists with a high degree of specialist capabilities.

Graduate School of Humanities

The role of graduate schools changes with time, and their role nowadays is to drive academic research forward with fundamental research while developing researchers as well as specialists with a high degree of specialist capabilities. This role has become more and more significant as the needs for lifelong education among graduates and working people are rising as they want to keep acquiring new knowledge and enhance their skills. The Graduate School of Humanities at Kanto Gakuin University has worked on an organizational and systematic curriculum that allows working people to attend lectures without leaving their current jobs by introducing a daily lecture system which provides lectures in the daytime, evening and even on Saturdays to expand the role of graduate schools nowadays.

Master's Course in English Doctoral Course in English
Master's Course in Comparative Japanese Culture Doctoral Course in Comparative Japanese Culture
Master's Course in Sociology Doctoral Course in Sociology

Graduate School of Economics

The Master's Course in Economics is aiming to develop professionals with expertise by providing fundamental training on academic research. The Doctoral Course develops experts with knowledge as well as a high degree of research capability for professional business. Both courses support the lifelong education demanded by society.

Master's Course in Economics Doctoral Course in Economics
Master's Course in Business Administration Doctoral Course in Business Administration

Graduate School of Law

The Graduate School of Law aims to cultivate the skills needed for practical operation, research capability in the fields of laws and politics by providing in depth knowledge with a broad perspective, developing professionals with morality and social responsibility based on the spirit "Be a man and serve the world"

Master's Course in Law Doctoral Course in Law

Graduate School of Engineering

With a focus on ethics education based on the traditional values of Christianity and practical education such as experimentation, seminars and design, the Graduate School of Engineering adopts high quality lessons taught in small groups. The graduate school has accepted applications from engineering graduates, working people and foreign students who want to acquire the high level skills available in Japan. Kanto Gakuin University lies adjacent to the Keihin industrial region which provides huge opportunities to the students of the Graduate School of Engineering as they can utilize the regional characteristic to carry out collaborative researches with corporate enterprises and administrative institutions to gain experiences in such advantaged research environments. Moreover, there are many inter-university academic exchanges in which postgraduate students can proactively gain experience by interacting with excellent researchers from overseas. The postgraduate institution for engineering develops industry-ready specialists by providing the students with knowledge, technical skills and exposure to universities, public agencies and corporate enterprises.

Master's Course in Mechanical Engineering Doctoral Course in Architecture and Building Engineering
Master's Course in Electrical Engineering Doctoral Course in Advanced Engineering
Master's Course in Informatics  
Master's Course in Architecture and Building Engineering  
Master's Course in Civil Engineering  
Master's Course in Applied Material and Life Science  

Graduate School of Nursing

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