Graduate Schools

Graduate School of Humanities

Open Day & Evening

The Graduate School of Humanities has three majors: English/English and American Literature, Comparative Japanese Culture, and Sociology. In response to the changing roles required of graduate schools in changing times, our academic research ranges from training in basic research to advanced and specialized applied skills. We are also responding to the need for refresher education and skills enhancement by working adults who continue to acquire new knowledge and hone their abilities after entering the workplace. In order to respond to and enhance the inquisitive nature inherent to all people, we systematically develop curricula and provide research guidance to make it easy for working people to take courses without leaving their current positions, to study the humanities and social sciences widely and then focus on one theme from there.

Master’s and Doctoral Courses in English

British Literature
American Literature
English Linguistics Studies (including English pedagogy)

Master’s and Doctoral Courses in Comparative Japanese Culture

Cultural Theory
Cultural History
European and American History

Master’s and Doctoral Courses in Sociology

Social Work Studies

Graduate School of Economics

Open Day and Evening

The Graduate School of Economics has a major in economics and a major in business administration, both of which aim to train academic researchers and advanced, specialized professionals to respond to the progress of globalization and informatization of economies. The school’s courses introduce subjects spanning a number of related fields in order to encourage interdisciplinary research conducted from broad perspectives. We also provide refresher education for working adults seeking to apply the methods of economics within their work fields. We provide practical education tailored to each student within a small group system, and we actively encourage participation in social collaboration research projects in order to produce research results that contribute to society.

Master’s and Doctoral Courses in Economics

Economic Theory and History of Economics
Modern Economics
Applied Economics
Economic History and Global Economy

Master’s and Doctoral Courses in Business Administration

Business Administration
Management Information
Distribution and Marketing

Graduate School of Law

Open Day and Evening

At the Graduate School of Law, students acquire profound knowledge from a broad perspective, with ethical and social skills grounded in the school motto “Be human and serve the world”. We meet a wide range of needs, providing courses that foster highly specialized human resources for companies, public institutions, and tax accountancy. Additionally, we provide refresher education for middle and high school teachers and lifelong education for working adults. For those professionals with highly specialized knowledge who are already working actively in society, we provide an environment to deepen their awareness of the problems they have encountered through practical experience and to find solutions to these problems through research into their legal and political aspects.

Master’s and Doctoral Courses in Law

Public Relations Law
Economic Relations Law

Graduate School of Engineering

The Graduate School of Engineering provides a privileged research environment in which students can actively pursue research. Adjacent to Yokohama and the Keihin Industrial Zone, an advanced research area in which many public research institutes and the R & D departments of numerous companies are concentrated, we engage in multiple research collaborations with both government agencies and companies. Globalization is a trend cutting across all industries, influencing them from the infrastructure level on up. Participating in academic exchanges with universities and research institutes in other countries and the experience of advancing research through interactions with excellent overseas researchers during a graduate career is instrumental in constructing bright engineering futures for our students. We produce engineers who respond to the needs of society through innovative activities for a range of positions within universities, public institutions, and companies.

Master’s Course in Mechanical Engineering

Measurement and Control Engineering
Strength of Materials and Design Engineering
Fluid Engineering
Thermal Engineering
Materials and Production Engineering

Master’s Course in Electrical Engineering

Engineering of Solid State Electronics
Electric Power Engineering
Information System Engineering
Health Science and Biomedical Engineering
Physics and Mathematics

Master’s Course in Informatics

Information Science
Information and Communication Engineering
Information System Design
Informatics and Multimedia

Master’s Courses in Architecture and Building Engineering

Architectural and Urban Planning
Building Structure and Construction
Building Services and Architectural Environmental Engineering

Master’s Course in Civil Engineering

*Class in English available

Structural Engineering
Concrete Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering
Hydraulic Engineering
Disaster Prevention Engineering

Master’s Course in Applied Material and Life Science

Organic Chemistry and Polymer Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry and Materials・Solid State Chemistry
Electronic Packing Engineering
Life Science
Environmental Engineering
Materials and Surface Engineering

Doctoral Course in Interdisciplinary Engineering

Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Health Science and Biomedical Engineering
Physics and Mathematics
Civil Engineering
Applied Chemistry
Life Science
Materials and Surface Engineering

Doctoral Course in Architecture and Building Engineering

Graduate School of Nursing

Rapid aging of the population, changes in the disease structure due to an increase in chronic diseases, the sophistication of medical care, and people’s diversifying needs for health services have significantly changed the situation surrounding health, medical care, and welfare. Within this changing situation, the roles required of nurses must also change significantly.
The Graduate School of Nursing aims to train highly advanced professionals who can understand these social changes and respond to the wide range of needs present within local communities.
Additionally, to meet growing demand, we are opening the door to specialists and people without current Nurse Licensure to apply through the enrollment system.
Through discussions between students and faculty members engaged in advanced research, students acquire a professional stance of engagement in lifelong research, exploring the value of academic contributions to clinical practice within each field they engage in.

Master’s Course in Nursing

Nursing Administration (Nursing Administration Field)
Life Support Nursing (Maternity / Pediatric Nursing area, Elderly / Home Nursing area)
Medical Support Nursing (Medical Support Nursing Field)